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WebHouse Cloud is customized around your environment needs, not the other way around. Cloud concept brings together the mindset of resiliency over redundancy, predictability through homogenization and standardization, resource (compute, network and storage) pooling, virtualization, fabric management, elasticity, partitioning of shared resources, and cost transparency.

Converged Infrastructure

Converged infrastructure is part of the modernization movement in today’s data centers. Business demands and IT challenges are forcing CXOs to take a longer look at investments that will fuel growth, innovation, agility and competitive advantage. Consolidating IT components into a single optimized platform with centralized management enables increased utilization and lower costs.

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Merging new technology solutions with existing IT infrastructures, upgrading critical applications, or finding better ways to manage data storage and retrieval can be daunting– and, if not handled properly, disruptive. To avoid misuse of time and resources, and to maintain customer trust through consistent data management, a proven approach is critical.




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Webhouse develops and delivers customized solutions that support all of your enterprise applications and can handle your most demanding technical workloads. Featuring data storage, sever virtualization, networking and other aspects of the data center, Webhouse will deliver innovative software technology and unified storage architecture that will maximize your productivity, and save you money with optimum storage efficiency and satisfying your solutions needs.