Cloud Acceleration

Enable flexibility, scalability and performance in your private and hybrid clouds.

Build a Data-Driven Business Case for Cloud.

Creating a business case on your own to migrate into the cloud can be a time-consuming process and does not always identify the most cost-effective options.
WebHouse helps create a business case for your cloud migration journey, providing insights and accelerating decision-making for migration to the cloud. We provide an assessment of your on-premise servers including a projected cost estimate and savings of running your on-premises workloads in the AWS Cloud.

  • Simplifies discovery - Discover on-premises instances that are overprovisioned, and suggests alternate compute instances that meet or exceed those requirements at a lower cost.
  • Optimizes cloud planning - Easily identify which current Microsoft licenses can move to cloud and the cost comparison of Bring Your Own License (BYOL) vs License Included (LI) options.
  • Fast tracks migration - Provide assessments that provide both business and technical stakeholders visibility into the projected cost of running their on-premises workloads in the cloud, which have been proven to reduce costs by up to 50%.
    WebHouse Comprehensive Solutions
WebHouse is focused on helping businesses maximize their time to value. We work with our clients individually to analyze their business challenges and to analyze their business challenges and to determine solutions to achieve a successful business outcome.

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Get the Most Out of Your Cloud Investment.

Bring visibility and intelligence to help you lower costs, maintain security and compliance, and optimize resources.
Align cloud IT with business objectives to maximize your cloud investment as it scales. Easily manage and allocate cloud costs across your agency or institution while adhering to the rigorous security measures your stakeholders demand.

  • Workload Optimization - Dramatic cost reduction with maximum efficiency for both stateless and stateful workloads running in AWS, Azure and GCP.
  • Container Optimization - Analyze containers to maximize utilization and availability, while utilizing the optimal blend of spot, reserved and on-demand compute instances.
  • Cost Management - Achieve savings with actionable recommendations, together with automated management of Reserved Instance and Savings Plans portfolios.
  • Cloud Compliance - Map hundreds of best practice checks to 35 major compliance frameworks to help you stay audit-ready at all times.

Secure Your Cloud Assets

Modernize and automate data protection with one solution that covers workloads across on-prem and the cloud. Easily archive to the cloud, scale to meet enterprise demands, and get built-in ransomware recovery.
Many ransomware attacks target backups. That’s why it’s vital to ensure your backups are 100% protected and resilient. Data must be natively immutable so that it can never be modified, encrypted, or deleted by ransomware. Data needs to be ready at all times so you can recover what you need, and never pay a ransom.

  • Edge Protection - Virtual NGFWs enable organizations to build high-performance, ultra-scalable, and security-driven networks.
  • Web Application Firewalls - Deploy it, configure it, and put it into full production—protecting all your apps from all the threats—in just minutes.
  • Global Load Balancing - Ensure business continuity by keeping an application online and available when a local area experiences unexpected traffic spikes or network downtime.
  • Cloud Backup - Accelerate application response and increase application uptime.

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