Data Storage & Infrastructure

A Holistic Approach

Our team of data storage architects build tightly integrated solutions designed to take advantage of on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments.

Managing your organizations data encompasses more than just your hosting platform. Our solutions are designed to efficiently manage the scope of your data infrastructure while maintaining corporate governance through the use of a variety of tools inclusive of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Back-up/Restoration to name a few.

Information has become the most critical asset of business in today’s economy.

Utilizing AI based tools to foster decision making starts with an evaluation of where your data currently resides. WebHouse can walk you through the latest in storage technology and can compare flash, object and backup storage solutions across leaders in the data storage industry.

Our engineers can then work with you to design and implement a data solution strategy that seamlessly protects and provides access to your data. Let us help you build a competitive advantage by utilizing your organization’s greatest asset: Data

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Enterprise Storage

WebHouse delivers expert insight into selecting and deploying the right storage solution for your organization. By developing an environment based on your evolving business needs we enable clients to build data lakes that are accessible to defined stakeholders across the enterprise.

Discover the best way to manage your primary data

Secondary Storage and Data Protection

Our secondary based storage solutions are designed to allow organizations to solve data recovery and management challenges. Specifically, we look to eliminate complexity across physical, virtual and cloud storage tiers while developing strategies to control data volume growth and reduce the struggle to store, manage and manipulate data assets.

Are you prepared for a disaster event?


WebHouse designs, deploys, manages, secures and troubleshoots infrastructure solutions. We’ll give you insight into your network performance today, and how it can be optimized for the future.

Our network engineering services help you automate, simplify and integrate your network to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) while improving performance and productivity. You’ll benefit from our core competencies in internetworking and our high level of expertise in key networking areas.

We’ll help you combine proven processes with an unwavering commitment to excellence. And bring your project in on time and on budget. As a WebHouse client, you’ll not only receive superior technical services, you’ll also receive exceptional mentoring. Because we make knowledge transfer part of every engagement.

So, when we leave, your staff will have the right skills to manage your new infrastructure. We leave you in control and with peace of mind.

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