About Us

WebHouse, at its core, is a data and cloud solutions company, with a focus on cyber security and operational intelligence. Via our partnership with innovators in back up and recovery, data management and IT infrastructure, we offer a robust suite of solutions for our commercial and federal clients. Understanding that security is paramount, we collaborate with pioneers in secure communication, data center security and asset management to provide comprehensive coverage for critical business operations. Specifically, Cloudscann, our proprietary operational intelligence tool, powers the full range of your security initiatives. Focusing on a virtual incident command center and mobile application integration, Cloudscann is the next generation management platform for incident detection and response, video surveillance and analytics, access control and anomaly recognition, and asset management and allocation. Additionally, we include an executive protection capability and tracking application to enhance protection protocols, particularly in high risk environments. Finally, we provide a hyper secure mobile and digital communications platform by maximizing the hardware capability of Communitake and Intact Communications. They offer a secure global communications and transaction platform that greatly reduces device vulnerability, rouge access and data exfiltration.